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Solar Blue team

Fiona (a.k.a Fly) Watson is the youngest and smallest of all Season 1 characters. She's from Western Australia and has 5 older sisters. Sometime during Season One she turns 15 but in the second season she is a senior. Her hair is almost always in a short braid going down her back and she almost always wears blue shorts and a yellow cover up. 

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Fly and Bec

Season OneEdit

In Season One Fly faces difficulties with her height, age and self esteem. 

The ContendersEdit

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Heath offering Fly one of his boards

In the first episode Fly is competeting in the last female finals heat against an older competetor names Stacy. Stacy rams her board into Fly's ruining one of her fins. Heath see's this and offers Fly one of his boards. Heath and Matt go on a surf and rescue boat to get closer to the action and save Fly when her board hits her giving her a bloody nose. Heath visits Fly when she's being taken by an ambulance afterwards and tries to keep her hopes up. Fly promises to replace Heath's broken board by taking up a part time job but 

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Fly in the hospital covering up her missing tooth from Heath

Heath assures her that it is fine. Heath also visits Fly when she's in the hospital and tries to console her when she worries about her missing tooth. Heath calls her Kiddwink (young child) for the first of many times. Then he tells her that the heat is happening in the morning so she can retry. Fly is so excited that she hugs Heath and then is embarrassed by it. 

Heath, Matt, Perri, Edge and Anna come down to the beach to support Fly. Bec comes as well but she stays away from the others. Matt goes to get Fly's board but he sees Stacey tampering with it. He gives Fly the board anyways thinking that he stopped Stacey before she could do any damage. One of Fly's fins got lossed so Bec, reluctantly, offers Fly her board. In the end Fly wins and gets the last spot in Solar Blue.

Winners and LosersEdit

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Fly and Perri in the bathroom

In the second episode Fly finally settles in and learns that she is sharing a room with Anna. However Anna had run away (done a runner) and the episode revolves around a flashback as to why she did so. When Anna does come home the girls are setting up in the washroom and Perri asks Fly to put her stuff on the bottom shelf because she's the shortest. Fly comes with the rest of the group to support Anna when she competes agains Joe in the surfing competetion in the Galas and celebrate with her when she wins

Trouble in ParadiseEdit

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Blue Water High senior surfing team

Fly is seen training in the morning with the other kids. She and Anna are seen holding rocks and trying to hold their breath for a long period of time. Fly drops her rock first and Deb says she still needs practice. When the kids are eating breakfast they complain about the school uniform but Fly tries to convince them that the uniforms are okay. Fly, although younger then the others, appears to be in the same classes as them and joins the schools senior surf team. Fly helps cover for Matt and Perri when they sneak away to compete in the school surf contest and is seen to be the first one holding the winning trophey in the end. 

Fly Takes a DiveEdit

In a voice over Fly talks about how aggravating it is being the youngest and the smallest of her teem mates. When Matt congratulates her for surfing really well he calls her 'Little Fly" which aggravates her. In the voiceover she talks about being called "Little Fly", "Fly midget", "Flea Kiddiwink" and she talks about how no one takes her seriously. Edge comes up to her and says that she got a message to call home. At first she brushes in off and turns back to the ocean but Edge tells her it was urgent. She runs inside and calls home but no one picks up. She heard the answering machine and is upset to learn that her family took her name off of it. She sits by the phone the entire day worrying over why her family wasn't calling her back. After dinner the phone rings but is very disappointed when it turns out to be Anna's grandma. Jilly convinces her to take a
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Fly on the phone

break and she will be told if her family calls her. As Fly is leaving Edge offers her one of his mobiles and calls her Kiddo which annoys her. After Anna hangs up with her grandmother a call comes in for Fly. Jilly and Anna tell Fly that her sister has a high fever and suspected hepatitis. Fly wants to call her sister Nell immidiatly but Jilly convinces her to wait until morning. During the night Fly uses a mobile to call her sister and describes to her how things are going. She talks about how great everyone else is and puts herself down 
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Fly after falling down

several times because of her low self esteem. When they hang up she puts Nell on hold by accident (racking up a huge bill) and doesn't realize until the morning. In the morning the team in excersizing and Fly can't reach the high bar. Deb offers her a lift but Fly regects her and tries jumping. She misses the bar and falls down and  everyone looks at her. The next day after school Fly goes around town trying to find a job to pay off the huge bill she racked up but no will take her. She gets into an argument with a gas station mananager after he regects her and she convinces him to give her a job which is cleaning the insides of cars when they go through a car wash. Fly comes back after her job to find Anna trying to video chat with her family. Fly asks if Anna is homesick but falls alseep while Anna is talking to her. Back at her job, Deb comes by and Fly is so nervous about getting caught that she doesnt realize she opened the back window until it's too late and the car is alrady in the car wash. As Deb is scolding Fly she is internally scolding herslef, calling herself a big baby. When Fly comes home she and Anna have a heart to heart and Anna gets the other kids to create a big street sign labelling how far away from home they all are to show Fly that she isn't alone. Then all the kids pitch in and help Fly pay off her bill by hand washing cars for community service and to pay for the bill. In the end during a voice over Fly talks about how someone needs to the baby in the family and it might as well be her

Anna Loses Her WayEdit

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Fly refusing to read the files

Simmo introduces the point system and Fly has 9.5 so far. Fly tries to comfort Anna later on but Anna isn't listening. The next morning Heath is bugging everyone with his camera and Fly slams her bedroom door in his face. Perri comes into the kitchen  with invitation to a party and Fly gets one but when she sees that Anna didn't she decides not to go. Ann convinces her to go, not wanting Fly to take pity on her. Anna storms upstairs and starts unpaking her stuff, looking for her plane ticket when Fly enters. Anna lies to her telling Fly that she is just organizing her stuff. Heath finds everyones files and when Bec brings them to Fly she refuses to read them. Fly goes to the party with everyone else in the end 

Edge Wipes OutEdit

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Fly hugs Matt when he wins a comp against Edge. Edge slams his board down on the sand and leaves Fly and everyone else astounded as he storms off. Fly is there eating cereal when Edge finds out he got 0 for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Fly is also in the rec room helping her teammates paint as a bonding excersize. She also cleans rocks that had been vandalized when she and her teammates are wrongly accused. 

Friends in NeedEdit

Fly and her others teammates are seen in Heath's dream where he is dreaming about how thick he is. Fly helps rescue a bird with her teammates and films it by taking Heath's video camera without his knowledge. She puts the camera down as she wraps the bird in a pillow case and Edge knocks the camera over. Perri brings the bird to school but doesn't know how to care for it she tricks Fly into holding the bird and feeding it 

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Fly and Heath

while in class. Perri tries to hand over the bird responsibilities to Fly but she won't let Perri take advantage of her. Heath is annoyed when he finds out his camera is broken and goes down to the beach. Fly joins him to apologize for the camera and the two have a heart to heart. Heath talks to Fly about his problems with science which he is almost failing and Fly comes up with a solution. Matt comes in and yells at Heath for taking pictures of his assingment and Fly yells at Matt for it. Matt and Heath talk and Heath hands in a new assingment.  

Brothers and SistersEdit

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Fly playing pool

Fly and Heath are surfing and someone takes over Fly's wave which as a result knocked her off her board. Heath starts arguing with the group of men while Fly tries to just get him away from them. Bec sees this and comes to rescue her teammates because she knows the group who's bugging them. She is later seen laughing at Matt who wants to keep his new board under his bed instead of in the shed. She is also visibly upset when Bec tells her teammates that their boards got stolen. Heath brings Matt and Fly easter bunnies that represent them to celebrate Easter. Fly's easter bunny was small but perfectly formed and Matt's had a head full of nuts. As they are exchanging bunnies the guys that stole their boards came by and they told the rest of their teammates. They are all (minus Bec and Anna) in the rec room (playing pool) discussing how to tell Bec that they think her brother stole their boards when Bec comes in. Bec admits that her brother stole their boards and as she leaves Simmo brings some borrowed boards for them to use in the mean time. Fly thanks him and grabs a board. Later Fly and her other teammates confront the surfing gang on the beach and compromise with them

Sharks in the MindEdit

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Fly realized that Matt was still in the water

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Fly and her other teammates were surfing when Edge thinks he felt a shark.They all swim to shore but Matt stays behind because he didn't believe that there was a shark which annoyed Edge. They argue when Matt finally swims back to shore. The next morning the Solar Blue team tease Edge and Fly asks Bec if she has heard about any shark attacks which Bec hasn't. However dispite this they all convince Deb and Simmo that the water isn't safe for practice that day. They all watch videos of surfers and pinpoint if what a surfer did is their fear. Fly's fear is the same as Anna's which is being held down under water for a long period of time by a wave. Fly, Perri and Anna all go fishing and talk about their families. Edge approaches Fly and her teammates the next morning and shows them a picture Heath has developed which shows a shark near them surfing proving he was right all along. She runs into the water once the lifeguards deam in safe enough with the others in the end

Timing Is EverythingEdit

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Fly is seen surfing with the other girls on the beach when Perri is approached by a two heads of a modelling agency. Fly is in the kitchen with Anna, Perri and Matt when they are discussing a concert they are all planning on going to. Bec is paying for Fly's ticket becuase Fy can't afford it (It's costs 50$). Fly is shcoked to find out that Edge got a job as a waiter as are the rest of the kids. On the beach Fly and Perri are judging Anna for how she's surfing as practice. At school the next day the team (minus Perri) are discussing how suspicious Perri is acting. They don't understand why she isn't going to the concert and opting to do school work instead. Edge tells them that he overheard Perri talking and thinks she has money problems. Fly suggests that Perri is getting a job but the other kids laugh and blow it off. Fly and the other kids are surfing together and when they leave the beach Perri stays behind to think. The next day everyone from the surf academy visit Perri and Edge at work to suppot them 

Out of ControlEdit

The episode begins with a flashback to the whole week. Fly is seen in gym class when Edge and Mattcompete to see who can impress the new girl. Matt asks Fly what her name is and Fly says it's "Lo something". Her name turns out to Laurel. Fly and Heath criticize the prizes Anna has collected for a beginners girls comp. 

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The prizes are hair clips and bows and other items you can find at a dollar store. Edge and Heath strat demeaning women surfer's so Fly whips Edge with a dish towel (rat tail) and the Edge picks her up and the guys and Bec playfully try to put her in the sink. As they are doing so Laurel enters the houe and all teasing ceases. Fly and Heath are seen laughing in the background as Matt and Laurel flirt. Fly comes with Matt, Edge, Laurel and Heath to watch Edge and Matt compete in 

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Fly after saving Bec's little brother

a surfing competition to see who gets Laurel. They are surfing in a dangerous area with rocks and no leg ropes which Fly points out. Fly has to get into the water when Bec's 11-year-old brother Ben is stuck becuase they need small hands. Fly gets his ankle loose and saves him. Bec thanks him and Heath congratulates her on beating Edge's underwater record (she was underwater for 2 minutes). Fly is last seen cooing over Ben at the beach with the other girls during the girls comp.

Dreams and DramasEdit

It's Fly's 15th birthday! 
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Fly's dream

Fly has a dream where she and Heath are talking with a pool of water between them. Heath wants to be her boyfriend but Fly syas there's a gap (the pool) between boy-friend and boyfriend and there are other dangers as well (there's a shark in the pool to represent the dangers). Heath then appears beside outside of the pool and it's dangers and is about to kiss her when she wakes up. 

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Fly being blindfolded

Fly and Anna are talking as they surf and Fly mentions how excited she is about being 15. She considers 15 to be grownup and can't wait to be not be considered a kid anymore. Her friends back home are throwing her a party but she can't be there. This gives Anna the idea to throw her a big surprise party. As Fly is changing, Heath, Bec and Edge come in. Bec and Edge hold her back as Heath leans in and blindfolds her. Fly is then led onto a bus leaving Anna and Matt in charge of getting the party ready. 

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Fly gets the blindfold taken off to reveal that Bec, Edge and Heath have taken her to a special surfing spot. 

Around 5 the bus comes and Fly decides to take the next bus because she wants to be 'grown up'. Heath gets off on the next stop and walks back. Fly starts yelling at him about not being a baby until he tells her that the next bus is at 7:00 AM. Then it starts raining so they run for cover and Heath finds an empty caravan.

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Fly is uncomfortable around Heath because of her dream and because she think that he went back to her because he thought she was a kid. She starts telling Heath that she feels like everyone treats her like a baby or their younger sister. Heath tells her that he doesn't think of her in a sisterly way and then kisses her. As they are sleeping the caravan gets hooked up and they are moving. Fly wakes up Heath but he stuck in his blanket so Fly tries getting the drivers attention. She lights up a candle but drops it setting the curtains of fire. The driver pulls over as Fly puts out the fire and calls the police. 

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The police bring Fly and Heath back home just as Simmo and Deb are getting back. Fly tells the police that the party was her fault as was the breaking and entering the caravan because if she didn't make such a big fuss about growing up none of this would have happened. Charges are not pressed because the owner of the caravan saw them and realized that they weren't criminals and were just kids. 

Fly and Heath talk about the kiss later on in the day. Heath asks if he was as good a kisser as she dreamt he would be. Fly says that he was her first kiss and Heath tells her she also kisses well. They agree not to think too much of it until Fly is ready. 

Life on the Line Edit

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Fly, Bec, Matt, Heath and Anna are all watching the water. They can't go in because it is deemed too dangerous by the lifeguards. Simmo gives them a job to do because they can't surf. He has new boards that need to be painted so the surf academy kids must paint them and then they'll be auctioned off. The surf kids get to keep half of whatever people pay for their boards. Fly and the others watch as Edge runs into the water, ignoring the warning signs, and they all follow his lead. Perri watches them from her lifeguard post and foreshadows that they will all be ill tomorrow because of the waste in the water. The next morning all the surf kids are talking about how brave Perri was to

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save a drowning man. Fly mentions that there have been talk of her being nominated for a Bravery award. Bec then runs in and tell them that the auction boards have been stolen so they all run to the garage. It turns out Simmo sent them back because he heard they were all sick because they disobeyed him and went surfing. 

Fly and the others are ecstatic when Heath can get their auction boards back, she calls Heath 'Brilliant". AllHeath asks in return is a small commision of what their boards raised. Fly reminds Matt that he's supposed to be on lifegaurd duty because it's Friday. 

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Bec's board

Fly sees Bec's board and points out that it looks a lot like Edge. Bec claims she didn't mean it to turn out that way and Fly calms her down by telling her that they can always change it tomorrow.However in the morning it turns out that Heath had the boards picked up that morning. Fly tells Bec that they can just switch boards so no one thinks Bec had a crush on Heath (which she still denies) but Bec points out that Fly wrote her dogs name on her board so everyone knows that it's hers. 

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Fly selling her board at the BBQ

At the BBQ Fly's board sells for $750. When Edge sees Bec's board he takes credit for it shoking Bec and Fly.

Bad Boy HeathEdit

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At the beginning Fly is begging Simmo and the rest of her teammates to wait for a very late Heath not knowing that he is with a new girl names Jane. Simmo has to push her into the van to get going  

At the beach Fly asks Matt if he knew where Heath was and finds out that Heath lied to Matt about his whereabouts. At home Fly asks Jilly where Heath is to find out that he's finally made it home and is in his room. She gives him his english book (which he told Matt he was getting to talk to the new girl) and told him she put it in the dryer after he dropped it in the pool. He thanks her and they awkwardly say goodbye.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.22.35 PM

Deb asks the surf team to judge each other in a surf competition so in order to make sure no one is placed higher they all plane on judging eachother to end with a total of 7. However Heath surfs terribly and Fly scores him a 2 while the others stick to their original plan. So she gets a 0.5 and the rest get only 0's. Fly is also jealous when she sees Heath hanging out with a new girl and he forgets about her and their science project.

Joker's WildEdit

Fly's losing surf contests for being too passive so she is determined to win at a regional girls' competition. In 
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the very beginning when the team is one their way to the competiton, Fly tells Heath that she is very nervousbecause she's never competed against the other girls before. At the competition another competitor tugs on her legs strap making Fly miss a wave. Simmo tells her to be more aggressive and teaches her the next morning on the beach how to do so.  The next day she takes Bec's wave making Bec fall over and into the water. Fly however has made it to the 
Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 1.37.09 PM

Fly upset about the competition

finals. Bec is extremely angry and surprised that 'little, innocent' Fly would do that. She and Fly have a silent fight back at their camping grounds. Matt comforts Fly by telling her that she's just proven that she's a threat and can surf as wella they can. They both go to a 'loser' party to talk to Bec but she won't listen. At thecompetition the next day everyone is wishing Fly good luck except for Bec however as Fly is putting on her leg strap Bec approaches her and gives a tip about surfing which is her way of apologizing. In the end Fly wins the whole competition. 

It's Hard to Be NormalEdit

Perri Lies LowEdit

Winning Isn't EverythingEdit

Right Dance, Wrong PartnerEdit

Big Wave FearsEdit

The KissEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Tough ChoicesEdit

The Band Plays OnEdit

Suspicious MindsEdit

And the Winner Is...Edit

Fly wins


  • Fly has 5 older sisters who are named Nell, Kate, Josie, Liz and Jen.
  • Her family isn't well off or really rich. Bec has to pay for her ticket to a concert (50$), she only has one board (told Heath it was a luxury to even have one), has to share a room with all her siblings ect. 
  • Sophie Luck (the actress who plays Fly) was the youngest on set just like her character.
  • She is from Western Australia.
  • She is called Kiddiwink by multiple members of Solar Blue.
  • She has a female dog named Crunchie.
  • She had a crush on Heath and dreamt about him.
  • Heath was her first kiss.